Saturday, May 3, 2008

My Beautiful Boy!

My son, Josh is home. I have missed him terribly. He is in the process of looking for a job. He has filled out applications at Frye, Best Buy, Wal-Mart, KFC, Q-doba, Rite Aid and I think, Circuit City. He has two interviews set up. Yesterday, he went upstairs and came down with a new, short cut beard. Surprise!!! Today, he went out, looking for a place to get a haircut. He had very nervous feet. Everywhere he went, he said either looked too "froo froo" or were packed. He said he didn't want someone whose hair looked like a bird cutting his hair. After driving around for a couple of hours, he came home and asked me to cut it! I used to cut his hair all the time when he was small. He didn't want a drastic cut - just from the middle of his back to chin length - no layers, no frills - I could do that! Well here he is! What do you think?

Notice: he has on a Tommy Hilfiger shirt!!!

Happy Boy! I love my son!

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