Sunday, April 13, 2008


I have to say that I enjoyed Chinatown as much or more than anything else in NYC. It is very exciting to me and combines a number of elements: shopping, travel, intrigue, shopping, bargains, culture, danger, shopping . . . need I say more.

Now that I'm 'experienced' (three trips under my belt), I think I can give a few tips to NYC purse shoppers.

  • you don't have to buy the first purse you see - there will always be more!

  • don't be afraid to 'follow' the whisperers - just stay in a group

  • listen to the whispers - gucci - prada - coach . . .

  • the guys with the pictures are the ones with the real counterfeit products - bigger names and prices

  • don't think the 'whisperers' are the only ones with the 'hidden' stores - many of the stores have hidden backdoors

  • if you want Tiffany jewelry - ask for it. They'll get it. Last year, they took me to the back of the store where they brought out trays from behind curtains. This year, when I said I wanted earrings, the man whistled and a girl appeared who began to pull zip-loc bags of earrings out of her bra! Just ask and you'll receive.

  • we found a little 'mall' that wandered in an L-shape that had many booths and very good products and prices. I got a Dooney and Bourke giraffe bag - very nice - for $21 - I know it's fake but a very good one!

  • There is more to Chinatown than just Canal street - keep walking!

  • If it's rainy - they will bargain with you much more to keep business going.

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Cameron said...

haha this all kinda freaks me out, but my purses are awesome!