Saturday, April 12, 2008


I am creating a new blog. I already have one called Ray's Ramblings which is basically for the parents of my kindergarten students at school. This one will just be for me.

I will probably ramble on in this blog as well but I want to be able to ramble about more personal topics.

This particular entry is to share my recent trip to NYC over Spring Break! I went with my sister-in-law, Suzanne and my best friend, Gloria. I planned the trip. I really did my homework on this one. Last year, the three of us went on a bus trip with a school group from Mercer County. It was a whirlwind trip over four days. We saw the highlights, statue of liberty, empire state building, ground zero, Chinatown, Times Square and bus tours of the city. Most of the sights we saw were from the bus window. It was just enough to drive us crazy!

Empire State Bld. '07

Hanging around with the Osbornes

We had to go back. Thus, this trip came about. I researched and came up with a fantastic trip.

First of all, we flew this time Monday morning- nonstop LEX to LGA. We were on the streets by 9:30 am! Our return was at 9:15pm on Thursday so we had four full days in the Big Apple!!! I booked the trip through because after pricing everything individually, it was cheaper to go through them and book everything we wanted to do. We stayed at the Edison Hotel which was on 47th, right off Broadway.

This is the marquee for the Edison. Busy, busy, busy.

I'll be posting more on the trip later.

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