Sunday, June 22, 2008

Save Days of our Lives

I have just been informed that Days of our Lives may be in danger. I am so upset by this! I can remember coming home from half day kindergarten at Lansdowne Country Club in Lexington, KY, having lunch and playing beside my mom while she ironed and watched Days. It was a new show at that time. Jule was just a rebellious teenager.

Through the years, I followed the script. I listened as my mother, grandmother and their friends discussed the shows storylines. When I went to the University of Kentucky in fall of 1974, I scheduled my classes around Days. The girls on my floor would gather to watch Days together. On days where I could not make it back to the dorm to watch, there was a group who gathered in the Student Center to watch. That was a huge group. We'd all hoot and holler and interact with the players!

If Days is cancelled, it will be a catrostrophe!!! The end of an era! Days was one of the very first and has stayed true to its viewers!

Please sign this petition to keep days!!!

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