Friday, July 11, 2008

Back to my roots

I recently felt the need to run away - away from pressures, stress, family, life . . . Where did I go? I went back 'home' - Brandenburg, KY. Although I have never actually lived in Brandenburg, I feel a tremendous pull to Brandenburg. I have roots there! My mother's family was from there. My father went to Brandenburg straight out of Western Kentucky University to teach Ag and coach basketball. My grandfather was the County Judge. I spent a lot of time there growing up. Probably a minimum of one weekend per month most of my growing years, most holidays, summers, . . . When I reached high school years, I had many cousins, friends and extended family and would go to spend weeks at a time with my grandmother.

During my recent visit, I toured the town, taking pictures of many 'special' spots. It was melancholy because many spots in my memory were blown away in the 1974 tornado that destroyed most of the town. However, the places remain in my heart!

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Anonymous said...

The photos turned out great. I think it's wonderful you're saving all of this for all of us.

The photos of Mom and Dad's are wonderful. I'm going to print them and give Mom/Dad one framed. They will like that a lot.

I hope you're feeling better. Yes, this is your home now. We're glad we're here for you.