Sunday, July 13, 2008


Well, I took Pepper outside today and immediatly felt FIRE on my toe. A bee had slipped into the open toe section on my sandal, got stuck under my toe and - BAM!!!

Steve told me to get online and search for bee sting remedies. I was amazed at what I found. I'm including the link to the site! There is a guy who decided to test all remedies he had heard about - both medical and home remedies. His friend is a beekeeper and he 'helped' him get stung, twice every 4 days until he had tested each remedy. Guess what worked (and I have to say this is what I did and it DID work!)???

TOOTHPASTE!!! (The best medical remedy was calamine lotion but he said the toothpaste was by far better! It actually tingles and kind of feels like you're scratching it! If you actually DO scratch, it hurts! I'm a happy camper!!)

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Cameron said...

aw that poor bee died and we have to save the bees right now!!!