Friday, July 11, 2008


Ok - didn't mean to post yet! That was a picture of my Grandmother's house. Her name was Nora Pearl Dowell Miller but everyone called her 'Go'. The oldest grandchild couldn't say grandmother and it came out 'go-go'. That's what it was for years, then as we grew and matured, it was shortened to 'Go'. Everyone called her that - friends, neighbors, everyone. The house looks much the same from the front except that it has been painted yellow and brown. It used to be white with green trim. She always had a fence around the yard that kept Buddy and later Sam safely in. There were two large trees on either side of the yard that provided lots of shade. She had a glider that sat under the trees and we would spend hours sitting out there watching the cars pass.

The back of the house had a circular drive that circled around to the garage/basement. There was a concrete wall around the drive, lined with iris. I played for hours on the wall. She also had rows of hollyhocks along the fence. We would make hollyhock dolls from the blooms. She had a glass porch on the back were we spent many hours 'visiting'.

Now the house has an elaborage deck in the back. From the back, it is entirely different but the picture I took is very much the same from the front.

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allycat said...

I loved going to Go's house! I have some great memories! much love