Friday, July 11, 2008

My Dad's Namesake

These are views of the Lamar-Kunnecke Vocational School. After my dad left Meade County, he and my mother moved to Lexington, Kentucky where he joined the staff at the University of Kentucky. He worked with Agricultural Extension Agents throughouth the state. He also worked on his Master's and Doctorate. He eventualy went from Ag Education to Vocational Education. He moved to Frankfort to work with the State Department of Education where he served as the Assistant Superintendent of Public Instruction as well as the State Director of Vocational Education. By the time he left Frankfort, he was responsible for placing a minimum of 1 vocational school in each of the 120 counties in Kentucky. He was very proud of this fact! He was instrumental in the formation of this particular school. I believe he was most proud of putting a vocational school in Meade County. They repaid him by naming the school after him. My memories of the dedication day were the band playing Frank Sinatra's "My Way" when he entered the gymnasium! I have never been so proud!

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