Friday, July 11, 2008

Moving Along

Back in the 30's this was a rooming house. My dad had a room in this house when he first moved to Brandenburg.

This is the building where my parents had their first apartment. They lived upstairs. My mom worked downstairs in the REA office. REA is now RECC. She worked there when they were putting the first electric lines in Meade County. She knew where all the transformers in the county were.

This is what I call 'home' now. Since I have no family there anymore, I spend my time at the home of Virginia and C.K. Miller. Their daughters have been friends since early childhood. Both Virginia and C.K. were friends to my parents for a lifetime. In fact, we are distantly related through Virginia's line (however, we have not yet found the link). Once I was told this (around 12 years old), that's all it took for me to call Betty, Martha, Tommy, Bobby and Kim, my 'cousins'. This house belonged to Virginia's parents. She inherited the house and totally renovated it. I absolutely love the house! It has two staircases!!! A front staircase and a back one that leads to the kitchen! The only thing I miss is the old attic. I can remember going upstairs with Betty and 'exploring' the attic. There were old trunks full of bearskin coats, hats, 20's clothing, pennants, shoes, etc. We spent many hours up there. I often wonder where all that stuff whent after the renovation . . .

The house sits on a hill looking toward the Meade County High School. Behind the house spreads a lovely yard that C.K. spends many hours on. He maintains an immense garden - both floral and vegetable! There used to be a large pond but now is a sloping landscape.

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